What do dreams about water mean?

Dreams about watercan represent can many things, depending on the situation.

After all, water is the source of all life, and also represents various emotions.

So it’s no surprise that many people dream about water when they are struggling with some emotional issue.

Below, we take a look at many common dreams about water, and try to make sense of what they might be telling you.

What do dreams about water mean? Here are 5 general interpretations

Dreams about water and waves are often interpreted as a metaphor for something that is going on in the dreamer’s life right now.

Below Here are five possible interpretations:

  1. A dream about murky, dark waters may represent a lack of clarity or a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  2. Some think that dreams about water can predict an upcoming flood or drought.
  3. A dream about water that looks polluted may represent feelings that one has been poisoned or betrayed.
  4. A dream about an ocean taking over the land may symbolize upheaval and chaos.
  5. Sometimes the simplest explanation is also the best one: if you are having a dream about water, it could simply because you are dehydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of fluids might then prevent these dreams from occurring.

Of course, most dreams have more than one meaning.

And these meanings can change depending on the context of the dream, what is happening in it, and what the dreamer thinks it means.

The 12 most common types of water dream

Below, we look at 12 common types of water dreams: floods, drowning, driving or falling into water, boats and ships, dirty /clear water, drinking water, water in your house, leaks, waterfalls, and water slides.

What do dreams of a flood mean?

Dreams of floods are often seen as a metaphor for an emotional event that has overwhelmed the dreamer.

The flood is often attributed to a major life change, such as a breakup or other personal trauma.

Sometimes the dream does not stop once the flood has passed. This suggests that the intensity of the emotions will continue to exist at some level even after the dream itself has subsided.

Floods can also typically represent the cleansing or purifying aspect of water.

In that case, if you dream of yourself being in the flood, it may be a sign that you need to “cleanse” yourself and your life.

You may be overwhelmed by recent events or burdened by things that are dragging you down, such as bad habits or an unhealthy relationship.

If you see someone else in the flood, then it could mean they are creating a situation where they need to go through some sort of change, and you may feel the need to intervene.

Such a cream can also suggest a situation where things will now be revealed that have been hidden for some time.

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PsychNewsDaily brings you the latest research from the worlds of psychology, cognitive science, mental health and more.

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