The 666 angel number: it’s actually more good than bad

Most likely, the first thing that comes to mind when you start seeing the 666 angel number is that there is bad luck coming.

It is most often considered to be the number representing evil.

But this is not true.

You need to realize that the messages you are receiving are coming from your guardian angel. And your guardian angel is anything but evil.

We explain more below.

A largely misunderstood angel number

The ascended masters and your guardian angels are there to give you guidance on your spiritual path.

They want to see you happy, healthy, and successful.

The messages they send are often simply to let you know that something needs to be changed in order to get you back on your true path.

They invite you to take a closer look at your inner self, and determine what needs to be adjusted to gain the abundance of good that is waiting for you.

So just what is the meaning of 666 Angel Number?

In order to understand the significance of the 666 angel number, we need to break it down into its components.

The number 6 is the number of responsibility; it is the number of balance.

The number 66 also indicates a need for concentration on your home, or on “ the domestic.”

Together, the number 666 indicates a need for balance between the home and the rest of your life.

There is an indication that something in your life is out of balance, and your angels are warning you to discover what that something is, and set it right again.

666 revisited: Angel Number meanings and Your Twin Flame Number

The 666 angel number doesn’t concern itself much with your twin flame, so put your worries to rest if that’s been bothering you.

The message is a reminder to wake up and get your current life and relationships in balance so that you can hear the call of your twin flame’s soul.

This does not mean you won’t be finding that special connection.

It only means that now is not the time.

Your family may need you more right now.

Take some long walks, and try to get your mind off of monetary issues. You’re headed in the right direction.

And remember to count your blessings, and maybe even say a prayer for the things that bring stability to your life.

With this attitude in mind, you’ll be more able to recognize your soulmate when you come across them, wherever on this planet they may be.

Guardian angels, harmony, and 666

Despite the obvious “fear factor” of 666, seeing it can mean that the divine world is telling you you’re on the right path.

Being aware of these positive vibrations can help you get rid of any negative energy.

In fact, this angel number’s well-known negative connotation can cause people to lose sight of what it means in terms of their personal development and spiritual awakening.

It’s as if a sixth sense were urging you to let go of negative thoughts, or an unhealthy focus on material things, material possessions, and material wealth.

Stay positive, and embrace the harmony inherent in those three sixes.

Added together, the digits in 666 equal 18, which reduces to nine, the number of completion. And this, too, is a kind of harmony.

The 666 angel number in love

When it comes to love, the angels in this case are asking you to examine your current relationships.

Are they in balance, with an equal give and take between you and the other person?

Are you codependent or encouraging the codependency of another individual? There needs to be true balance in your love relationship for it to work.

Seeing this number can also be an indication that it may be the time to give up your current relationship if it is not working.

In order to have balance, you are being asked to give up what doesn’t serve you.

This includes toxic people and any bad habits such as addiction.

Once you are ready to let go of all that is bad for you, you will find things and people coming into your life that will help you achieve the inner peace you deserve.

Photo: by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Originally published at on January 5, 2022.




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PsychNewsDaily brings you the latest research from the worlds of psychology, cognitive science, mental health and more.

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